Alright, so are you guys ready from some new General Hospital scoopage? How silly of me. Of course you are, so here we go. I've got quite a bit of new stuff for the upcoming Monday, November 28th through to Wednesday November 30th, 2016 episodes to share with you. Things are going to get real heavy, guys, as Alexis just totally spirals out of control with the alcohol! Nelle gets her latest scheme, set into action. Andre and Jordan are going to totally go at each other, and more!

Over drinking and fighting is going to happen

Lets jump right into this Monday November 28th episode synopsis reveal. We're going to see Nelle, be quite busy as she will finally get a green light switched on for her latest plot. Some major drama will be going down with Alexis when she just goes completely off the deep end with her drinking addiction! In other words, she needs to check into AA immediately. Then to wrap up the first day of the week, we're going to see a big argument situation, go down between crazy Andre and Jordan at some point.

They didn't indicate if things get physical, but it will, for sure, be quite intense.

In the new Tuesday November 29th episode, poor Sonny is going to look pretty stupid when Nelle totally manipulates the hell out of him. Franco is going to be real busy trying to hunt down Tom Baker. We're also going to see a lot of suspense, take place, as Finn races against the clock in an effort to locate a cure for Hayden!

Dillon attempts to help

In the Wednesday November 30th installment, we're going to see an important decision, get made by Carly as she'll finally decides to spill all the beans to Sonny. A down and out Kiki will will be the recipient of some pep talk action from Dillon at some point. Valentin is going to be real busy too, trying to use Charlotte, so he can possibly get more attention from Nina. Some heavy and intense drama will be going down at the hospital as it's revealed that Griffin is going to have to break up a fight that takes place!

Ok, so that's the lowdown on what will happen up until Wednesday, but we do have some bonus scoopage for both the Thursday and Friday episodes. On Thursday, December 1st, we're going to see a major surprise, get served up to Kevin, via Laura. Nina will totally have Nathan and Maxie, worrying overtime, because of the people she has been deciding to hang with.

Anna and Valentin get into it

At some point, some major drama will take place between Valentin and Anna when Anna approaches him with some confrontation action! A serious conversation will go down between Liz and Griffin. Heather is going to get a visit from Franco at some point.

Then in the Friday, December 2nd show, Curtis and Jason will be busy, comparing notes. Ava will be back to her old tricks, trying to use Morgan's death to get a 1-up. And to wrap things up, Alexis is going to have to pay the piper ,as they say, when the consequences of her latest actions, get revealed to her. Stay tuned.

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