Ok, so I was able to dig up some new spoiler intel for what will be going down in the upcoming week for "General Hospital's" November 21st to November 23rd,2016 episodes, via Soaps.com. After those days, we'll get bombarded with reruns and football games, due to it being the big Thanksgiving holiday and all. Before this week's episodes conclude, though, we're going to see quite a bit of heavy and interesting drama get stirred when a big Thanksgiving dinner fight takes place! A very cryptic and weird call gets directed at Julian, and more.

Nelle listens in on secret stuff

To get things started, we learn what the Monday, November 21st, 2016 episode has in store for us. It turns out that we're going to see a very private conversation, take place. Unfortunately, they couldn't get the intel on who's having the conversation, but they did reveal that Nelle is going to be eavesdropping on it, so that should make for a pretty interesting scene.

Next, we'll see Hayden's test results, finally come back, and Finn will be the recipient of them.

Then at some point, Jason and Curtis are going to see something that totally causes them to be confused.

Ava gets what she wants from Scott

In the Tuesday, November 22nd,2016 episode, we're going to see Alexis, host a big Thanksgiving dinner that sounds like it won't go to well as the spoiler mentions that some really heavy tensions are going to get set off during it! At some point, we''ll also see a very cryptic and weird call get placed through to Julian.

Then to cap off the Tuesday scoops, it sounds like Ava is going to be a very happy lady as it's revealed that Scott is going to come through for her.

A big surprise gets served up

Lastly, to wrap up the week, the Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016 episode will present scenes that feature Laura and Sonny, engaging in quite a warm moment after they sit down to reflect on what they've lost. Maxie is going to get pretty startled, at one point, when Lulu and Dante surprise the everliving hell out of her!

Finally, some more really devastating Thanksgiving problems will go down when the Quatermaines run into some heavy issues with their shindig!

Something else is airing on Thursday and Friday

Alright, so as mentioned earlier, Thursday and Friday is part of the big Thanksgiving holiday weekend, so ABC doesn't feel that it's necessary to air new episodes on those days. Instead, they're scheduled to air a rerun on Thursday. Then on Friday, they're covering a big college football game. Currently, the teams are waiting to be announced if you care.

I imagine that most of you guys already had something else planned, which is probably why ABC doesn't want to air the new shows on those days.

However, if you don't have anything else planned, yet, this is fair warning, or you can just watch whatever ABC is airing on those days. Whatever floats your boat. Stay tuned.

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