Alright, so here we go. We've got three, pretty big storyline scoops for the upcoming episode 8 of season 3 for FOX's hit drama: "Empire," thanks to the recent press released that was served up by FOX. It turns out that we're going to see Andre, just go too freaking far for this Nessa chick by screwing over Tiana at some point! Then it sounds like Lucious could find himself in some extremely hot water as Tariq tries to take his investigation to the next level, and more!

An extreme diss is happening

They also gave us a title for this installment, which is called: "The Unkindest Cut," which I think is totally in reference to the BS that Andre ends up, pulling off on poor Tiana. Anyways, getting into this crazy synopsis, we find out that Tiana is actually scheduled to perform at a huge, and I mean huge fashion event. But apparently, that's not going to play out for her, because infatuated Andre is going to step in and sabotage the hell out of her, so Nessa can step in and do her thing.

Uh oh. I can't wait to see that go down. I'm wondering what Tiana will do about this. She doesn't seem like the violent type, but things could change after this. Who knows?

Some possible new problems for Lucious

Also, FOX put the Andre storyline in all caps, so it sounds like that could be one of the major storylines in this one. It certainly sounds like it. Next, we find out that Tariq is going to try to turn up the intensity on his Lucious investigation by teaming up with Leah!

So, we could see Lucious get brought down if everything works out in Tariq's favor, but one thing I've learned from watching this show, is they always give Lucious an endless reservoir of tricks, so we'll see.

Philip tries to help

Finally, a third storyline tease, reveals that we'll see Jamal, still trying to get over his annoying PTSD problem. This time, he'll be working with Philip for his latest attempt.

Also, according to the guest list, we should be seeing another appearance from the Rhonda Lyon ghost, along with another flashback scene that features the teenage version of Lucious again.

As always, if you want to see additional intel about this installment, be sure to keep your eyes peeled to catch the new promo clip for episode 8 after episode 7 airs, tonight. We can also confirm that episode 8 is set to arrive next Wednesday night, December 7th in the same 8pm central time slot, so make sure you've got that locked into memory however which way you do it, and stay tuned.

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