Hey, "Empire" fans. We hated the fact that we have to be back here, tonight, doing this again, but the worse case scenario did indeed happen. The damn 2016 MLB World Series ,featuring teams: Chicago Cubs vs. The Cleveland Indians, got pushed to a final game 7, knocking your favorite show out of the FOX line up for a 2nd, straight week. The awful news was confirmed by the official FOX Twitter page people when they put out the following tweet, today: " The Lyons return next Wednesday on FOX!" By next Wednesday, they mean on November 9th.

New episodes finally start back up on November 9th

Speaking of that, it leads me to the good news that I have to share with you guys. Not only can you expect the new episode 5 to finally hit the airwaves, next Wednesday night, November 9th, 2016 at 8pm central time on FOX, but you should be expecting to see new episodes air for, at least, 4 straight weeks in a row as FOX will playing a major catch up game to get their first half of the season episodes, aired before the winter break.

A brief overview for episode 5

As previously discussed, episode 5 certainly looks like it will serve up some very intense drama and heat as ole Shrine will be spotted back in action to give the Lyons all the problems they can handle as he's on a kill mission! We're also going to see Jamal, finally trying to get back on stage to perform in front of people. In one of the scenes, Cookie will be spotted, reminding Hakeem who's really the boss.

Episode 5 is titled: "One Before Another."

Major hacking issue in store for Empire

Additionally, we got a few scoops for episode 6, which is labeled: "Chimes at Midnight." In it, we'll see Empire get hacked, and the leak is going to spark up a huge feud between the artists and the Lyon family! Then that whole Cookie and Angelo situation is going to get really heated as they run into some major problems with Lucious, who is turning up the dial on getting them split apart.

Andre tries to prove his worth yet again

Also, Andre will, once again, try to prove to Lucious that he adds a lot of value to the Empire brand. It's really quite sad, actually. Anyways, look for all those exciting things to take place when the show finally returns next week, and the week after that, and the week after that one too. Stay tuned.

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