Ooh Wee! Things are about to heat up in this new episode 9 of season 1, "Designated Survivor" fans. We were able to find out this new spoiler intel, courtesy of the wonderful people over at ABC, so please give them a brilliant round of applause. Their latest episode press release, reveals that some major conspiracy action will need to get proved, ASAP! Then in another storyline, we've got very important government documents that have been leaked onto the internet, and more!

Major intel has been compromised

Lets start things off with the title reveal. It turns out that they thought "The Blueprint" would be a good name for this installment. I don't really see a problem with it. It's whatever. The plot summary, reveals that we're going to see some very important government documents get leaked out into the internet cosmos!

Some very sneaky people

This incident will prompt President Kirkman to immediately launch a huge search to find the people that are responsible for the leak.

Then it's going to be revealed that those people have already taken refuge deep inside a foreign embassy where Kirkman has no chance of touching them!

Things get real frantic as time runs out

Elsewhere, it's revealed that MacLeish is about to be made the Vice President, prompting Agent Hannah Wells to frantically try to locate evidence against him, which confirms his participation in a conspiracy before they lock him into the VP position!

Both of those storylines were put in all caps in the press release, so you can pretty much bet that they will be the main focus of this entire episode. We may see a few other scenes here and there, but these will be the dominating ones for sure.

Also, we've got actress, Virginia Madsen, guest starring as character: Kimble Hookstraten. The writing team of Dana Dedoux Miller & Michael Russell Gunn, were hired to pen this script, and the directorial duties were handled by Richard J.


It's expected that ABC will be dropping a new promo clip for the next installment after episode 8 hits the airwaves, tonight, so you'll want to be sure to catch that if you want to see some additional intel about it. ABC's press release also confirmed that episode 9 is set to air next Wednesday night, December 7th at 9pm central time, so be sure to log that into your TV schedules and stay tuned.

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