Alright, so this week's "Days Of Our Lives" spoiler reveal for the upcoming Monday, November 28th through to Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 episodes are going to reveal some pretty dramatic and intense stuff as Adrienne, just freaking falls out at one point! A stunning find is made by JJ! Laura makes Jennifer just get absolutely furious, and more! We have the people to thank for these new spoiler treats.

Adrienne is in deep, deep trouble

To get things started, lets go over this Monday, November 28th episode.

It turns out that we're going to see something go horribly wrong with Adrienne as it's revealed that she's going to collapse at some point! They didn't elaborate on the reason, but expect to see some serious stuff go on with that. Next, we learn that the intrigue will definitely go up a notch when JJ stumbles across a very shocking discovery after arriving in the attic! And that will actually cap off the Monday spoilers.

In the Tuesday, November 29th show, we'll see Marlena, working overtime in an attempt to finally, somehow, reach Brady.

And that's all they gave us for the Tuesday edition. I'm sure they'll have more to show though.

A very important choice gets made

In the Wednesday November 30th episode, we're going to see a very important situation, take place as Adrienne finally has come up with her decision in regards to the Lucas and Justin drama. One of those boys will finally know who's and who's out. Then to wrap up Wednesday's edition, Hope will still be rotting in prison, but will, at least, come into contact with some new, friendly company as it's described that she'll find a new ally and what not.

Somebody gets extremely angry

Alright, so that concludes the details for the middle of the week. However, we do have some bonus teasers that close out the week. On the Thursday, December 1st, 2016 episode, Laura is really going to end up, ticking Jennifer off to the max, because apparently, Jennifer is going to find out that Laura knew everything that went down with Abigail all this time!

Then in the Friday, December 2nd show, we'll see Rafe and Shawn be quite busy at they keep going over the events and scenarios that led up to the death of Stefano.

Stay tuned.

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