Happy Fridays, guys. It's the ned of another week and that means I've got new spoiler scoops for you, thanks to the Soaps.com people. The scoops are for the upcoming Monday, November 21st to November 23rd episodes. The week will be cut short due to the big Thanksgiving holiday. However, before this short week ends, we're going to see some pretty dramatic and interesting stuff go down as Rafe becomes the recipient of a major confession that JJ serves up! A big wedding gets stopped, and more!

Something goes wrong with the wedding

To get things started, the new Monday November 21st, 2016 episode, will serve up a scene where we see Chad and Gabi, end up having a big meeting to talk about all the changes that are going down with their relationship. Then we're going to see a major problem go down with Lucas and Adrienne's wedding situation as it's revealed that something or someone is going to bring that thing to a screeching halt!

Sonny thinks he's found a way

In the new Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016 installment, we're going to see Adrienne receive some positive and comforting news from Sonny when he tells her that he may have found a way solve her lingering, sticky situation.

To wrap up the Tuesday spoilers, we'll see a big confession situation go down when JJ decides to spill a secret to Rafe.

A major investigation goes down

In the Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016 episode, we're going to see a Paul and Steve, launch a big investigation scene in regards to the Hernandez family shipments. Abe and Theo will end up, having a very interesting conversation, and during that conversation, Theo is going to tell Abe that Valerie is just a big, fat liar!

Hockey and Holiday specials close out the week

Ok, so that is all the scoops that we currently have at this time. As mentioned earlier, there will be no new episodes for Thursday and Friday. NBC will be airing a "National Dog Show" and "Thanksgiving Day Parade" special on Thursday. Then on Friday, they will air a big NHL Pro Hockey game between the "Rangers" and "Flyers."

I'm assuming that most of you have made other plans for that day.

For those of you who haven't, you might want to start planning now, or if you like what NBC is airing in the show's time slot, you can just sit back and chill, I guess. Stay tuned.

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