What's up "Chicago Fire" peeps. Welcome back to my spoiler abode. You can thank NBC for giving you guys some new spoilery intel for this upcoming episode 8 of season 5. They gave us a couple of new storyline spoilers to work with in this week's press release. However, none of them really sound too dramatic, but the actual episode might give us different looks. We're going to see Dawson and Casey run into some issues with adopting Louie. We could see a problematic party happen, and more.

They might not be able to adopt

This episode has been given the title: "One Hundred," so that's a pretty simple title. It turns out that we're going to see characters; Lt. Casey and Dawson, try to adopt Louie at some point. However, they're going to find out that won't be such an easy task as a major hurdle is going to get thrown in their path. They didn't elaborate on what that hurdle will be, but just assume it's pretty bad. They also put this storyline in all caps, so it'll probably will be a pretty big one.

Things get a little out of control

Next, we learn that a new guest character, named Jeff Hephner, will show up. He's described a former fire fighter-turned-medical student, and he is going try to entice Lt. Severide with a very intriguing proposition, so that should provide for an interesting plot twist. Otis will have extremely high hopes of breathing new air into the bar business, so he will act on this desire by getting a very apprehensive Herrmann to throw a huge party celebration for the 100th anniversary of Molly's.

However, there is going to be some problems that arise during this wild shindig.

That concludes all the spoiler intel that NBC had to share with us in this latest press release, but as always, be sure to look for a new promo clip release from them, tonight, after episode 7 finishes up. It'll definitely provide some new insight into the next installment. Also, it was confirmed that episode 8 is due out on Tuesday night, December 6th at 9pm central time, so be sure that's marked on your TV schedules.

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