Alright, so it's time to get down to business with the delivery of some new, official "Chicago Fire" episode 7 of season 5 spoiler scoops. These come right from the wonderful folks at NBC in the form of a press release. It gives away the synopsis, and they gave us quite a bit of info in this one. For some reason, they always have long descriptions for the Chicago Fire episodes. In this 7th installment, it sounds like we're going to see some pretty serious and dramatic stuff go down when Chief Boden decides to take a problem into his own hands.

An anniversary party, takes a grim turn for the worst, and more.

The main storylines

"Lift Each Other" is the title that the producers decided to go with for this episode. NBC decided to put in all caps that we're going to see Antonio and Dawson welcome their parents into town, and that Chief Boden gets informed of an unpleasant situation. So, it sounds like these 2 storylines will hold the most weight in this one.

Something goes wrong at a party

Getting into the anniversary situation, Dawson and Antonio's father and mother are going to show up on the scene for a big anniversary party celebration.

However, it sounds like the celebration part of it, will end up, diminishing as they describe it as quickly turning south. So, it sounds like we may see a bit of drama go down in that particular situation.

Chief Boden gets sparked to do things his way

Next, they revealed that Chief Boden will become privy to a very deep secret that is in regards to his stepson, James. This new revelation will prompt Boden to try to handle this moment on his own without any back up or anything, so that sounds like it could be a very dangerous venture for him.

Casey goes into hero mode

Elsewhere, a heavy distress call is going to get served up to a warehouse, which will cause Casey to jump into extreme action in an effort to rescue a young boy from meeting his maker. Definitely, some intense moments will be served up in that series of scenes.

Otis and Kidd get very competitive

Ok, and to wrap this spoilery session up, the synopsis revealed that we're going to see something that they're calling a mud-hundred race go down.

Apparently, Kidd and Otis will be participants in it, and it's really going to bring out their competitive spirits. Actress Marlyne Barrett will be a guest star in it as character: Maggie Lockwood.

Alright guys. That's going to do it for this week's synopsis session. It certainly sounds like NBC had quite a bit of intel to share about it, delivering up about 4 storylines. If you feel you just have to learn more about what this episode has in store, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the new promo/spoiler clip that NBC might release after episode 6 airs tonight.

The press release also confirmed that the new episode 7 is going to air next Tuesday night, November 29th at 9pm central time, so as always, be sure to make note of that on your TV schedules.

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