Recently, we got some new official spoiler scoops in for NBC's up coming Chicago Fire episode 6 of it's current season 5. They sound like we're going to see some heavy drama go down, especially with Dawson as she runs into having to face severe consequences after accidentally hitting a pedestrian! We're also going to see some arguing, take place between Casey and Severide, and more.

Dawson hits somebody

We also got a title for this thing. It's called: "That Day." In NBC's official press release, they put in bold caps that Dawson's going to accidentally hit a pedestrian while trying to get to the scene of a call, so it sounds like this will be one of the major storylines of the episode.

Some arguing takes place

Apparently, this pedestrian isn't very bright, and steps in front of the moving ambulance at one point. The press release goes onto say that we'll see Dawson, having to face some heavy repercussions for this tragic event. Next, they reveal that Severide and Casey will be having a disagreement, but will continue to look deeper into an arson case.

Casey teaches some lessons

In the meantime, we'll see Chief Boden, trying to decide if he should go to a very important event that's going down in the big apple, New York City.

Then to conclude these synopsis spoilers, Casey is going to try to teach Herrmann a great, big lesson about what his bosses have to deal with on a daily basis by sending him out to helm a shift. So, that sounds like that'll be real interesting. We'll also see guest star appearances from actors: Marlyne Barrett and Jon Seda.

Ok, so that's all the spoiler scoops that NBC delivered for this episode, but I'm pretty sure that they will be releasing a new promo clip for episode 6 after episode 5 airs tonight.

You might want to make sure you check that out as it will most certainly provide some other, new details about this episode.

A title for episode 7 was revealed

It's also been confirmed that you guys can expect to see episode 6 definitely air next Tuesday night, November 22nd at 9pm central time, so be sure to pencil that in on your TV calendars. Additionally, we've got a title for episode 7. It's labeled: "Lift Each Other Up."

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