Recently, NBC delivered their new round of official spoiler scoops for the upcoming "Chicago Fire" episode 5 of the show's 5th season, and they sound very interesting and really intense as some heavy drama will go down between Severide and Casey after a major mishap happens doing a rescue attempt. Boden gets a surprise visitor at some point. Hermann tries to hunt down a mystery tagger, and more.

A rescue attempt ends horribly

To get this little spoiler session started, the producers titled this episode: "I Held Her Hand." Moving right along to the main synopsis spoilers.

NBC started this press release by revealing in all caps, the Firehouse crew will fail in a major rescue attempt when Lt. Casey fails to get a woman out of a burning greystone after she gets trapped inside of it.

Casey and Severide start clashing

This situation will cause Severide and Casey to start heavily arguing over how much the lady's husband was involved in the very unfortunate event.

A mystery tagger sets off drama

Next, we learn that a mystery tagger that continuously tries to target the firehouse, eventually prompts Hermann to focus all his energy into hunting the culprit tagger down.

Also, we'll see a surprise visitor, show up to see Boden at some point.

Dawson and Brett rush to help a injured teenager

Then to cap off these press release spoilers, we're going to see a 16 year old male get injured while trying to serve up a romantic proposal at homecoming. This will prompt Brett and Dawson to rush into action to handle it.

Alright, guys. That's all NBC served up for that episode.

However, you should keep a close out for the promo spoiler clip that they will release for this episode after episode 4 airs tonight, because it will surely reveal new information about the episode.

Episode 5 not airing until November 15th

They also revealed that we'll be seeing a delay in the airing of this episode as it will not air next Tuesday night. Instead, it's going to air on Tuesday night, November 15th, 2016 at 9pm central time on NBC, so be sure to make note of that on your TV schedules and DVRs.

Also, be sure to keep checking back as I'll be returning to deliver the official spoilers for the upcoming episode 6. I'll go ahead and reveal that it's labeled: "That Day." Yep, it's a pretty short and sweet title. Stay tuned.

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