Recently, the CBS folks, delivered up some new spoiler scoopage for their upcoming "The Bold And The Beautiful" episode for this Monday afternoon, November 7th, 2016. They also dropped the new promo/spoiler clip (below) for it. I just checked all this material out, and it definitely looks like we're going to see some very emotional stuff go down to start off the week as Nicole is ready to go chase down Zende to get him back. Liam expresses how much he's missed Steffy, and more.

Steffy and Liam romance returning

To get things started, I'm going to go over these brief, CBS spoiler scoops that were posted by the folks for the November 7th episode. It turns out that we're going to see some alone time with Liam and Steffy, take place. During that time, these two will start to get quite romantic. They say that Steffy, actually romances Liam, so that should be an interesting scene.

Maya thinks Nicole belongs with Zende

Next, we learn that Maya is going to have a conversation where she will eventually express that she thinks Zende and Nicole should, indeed, be together.

Nicole starts worrying

Then to wrap up the short. Monday spoiler teasers, we're going to see Nicole have a conversation with someone, and during that conversation, she will start to fret about how she needs to make things right with Zende.

Alright, so that concludes the CBS spoiler scoops. However, it doesn't stop there as we've also included the video (below) from CBS, actually showing the scenes I just mentioned, play out, and they serve up a couple more details.

Nicole wants her man back

In the new clip, Nicole is seen, saying that she just knows Zende wants to be with her and not Sasha, and that she really feels the need to make things right. Next, we see Maya, saying that she thinks Zende is not himself ,right now, and that he and Nicole really belong together.

Steffy gets the treatment

Then last, but most certainly not least, we see the scene ,involving Steffy and Liam.

In it, Liam is seen, telling her about how much he missed her and what not. That particular scene doesn't escalate to any romance in this clip, but it might when they run the full thing during the episode.

Alright, so having said all that, we're really done with this session as that's all we've got for you, but as always, more things might pop up during the week, so be sure to stay tuned.

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