Hey, loyal "Blue Bloods" fans. Let me ask you a question. Are you up for some rerun action for the next two weeks? If you said no, I'm afraid you're going to be very unhappy with the news that I have to give you, right now. It turns out that the new episode 10 of season 7 is, indeed, going to be missing in action for the next two weeks. And instead, CBS will be airing a rerun in its time slot.

Tonight's show will be this

The rerun that they have planned for you, tonight, is for the episode labeled: "Friends in Need," where Danny and Jamie ended up, getting into a big argument about how to deal with a brash rookie cop who had shown up on the scene.

Then Erin volunteered to do some heavy investigative work for Anthony after he got himself tangled up in a bad investment situation. If you saw that episode when it originally aired, you'll most likely want to look into doing something else.

Here's the good news

Alright, so now that all that harsh news is out of the way, I do have something a little more positive to share with you guys. You can definitely expect to see the new episode 10, make its airdate arrival on Friday night, December 9th at 9pm central time, so be sure to write that intel down somewhere.

It's entitled: "Unbearable Loss."

Extreme revenge is desired

CBS also dished out the official synopsis for "Unbearable Loss." I turns out that at some point, Rev. Potter's son will end up, getting killed, which will, not surprisingly, spark up a heavy desire for Potter to seek out vengeance and justice! He's even going to go through the trouble of making things right with Frank in order to possibly get his justice carried out.

Something is very suspicious

In the next summary break down, we're going to see some very heavy suspicions, arise with Erin as she doesn't think that all the intel regarding a felon's recent death in a prison-transport van, just doesn't match up. Lastly, we learn that Jamie is going to get involved in a shooting situation. During it, Jamie will shoot a mugger that, later on, is revealed to be the son of a police officer, so that should make for a pretty interesting and dramatic plot twist.

Ok, so that wraps up the little teaser session.

It just wasn't there

Unfortunately, we aren't able to post the promo/spoiler clip for you guys, right now, because CBS hasn't released it yet. They'll probably get it out there closer to the time that the new episode is scheduled to air. So, maybe they'll post it the week after next. We'll see. Be sure to lookout for it on Youtube as it'll definitely give you more insight into the episode. Stay tuned.

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