Recently, CBS delivered the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming "The Big Bang Theory" episode 9 of its current season 10 in the form of a press release, which includes the official synopsis for the episode. I just read it, and it sounds pretty interesting and dramatic as Sheldon gets extremely jealous over an award that gets won by someone else. Wolowitz comes into possession of an old toy he invented, and more.

Another quirky, original title for this one

To get things started, the producers decided to title this thing: "The Geology Elevation." That another quirky, unique title from the BBT crew.

CBS kept things nice and short when it comes to the official synopsis, only revealing 2 different storylines for it. The first one they revealed, is put in all caps, so it should be a pretty important one.

Sheldon gets really jealous and ticked off

It turns out that we're going to see one of Sheldon's co-workers, named Bert, who is a Caltech geologist, end up winning the MacArthur Genius fellowship award at some point. Apparently, this is a huge deal for Sheldon. It's going to be so important that he will really struggle with trying to keep his extreme jealousy suppressed!

Wolowitz finds something familiar

Next, we learn that we're going to see Wolowitz ,very busy, doing some kind of search, and the search will lead him to finding an old remote control Stephen Hawking action figure that he invented. Guest stars include: Stephen Hawking as himself and Kunal Dudheker as a tour guide. The episode's story is by the team of: Chuck Lorre, Erik Kaplan and Maria Ferrari. The teleplay duties were taken care of by the team of: Steve Holland, Jim Reynolds and Jeremy Howe.

Alright, guys. That's all the official spoiler dish that we have for this episode. However, CBS will serve up a promo/spoiler clip for the episode, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that as it will certainly deliver new intel about it.

Episode 9 is confirmed to air next week

The press release also confirms that episode 9 is officially set to hit the airwaves next Thursday night, November 17th, 2016 at 7pm central time on CBS, so be sure to jot that date down on your TV calendars, and stay tuned.

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