Alright, so it sounds like some major danger and interesting clues are going to get featured in the latest "Arrow" episode 9 of season 5 according to CW's latest press release spoilers. It turns out that we're going to see Prometheus continue his mischief by putting the entire Arrow crew in heavy jeopardy that they may have to pay for with their lives! Meanwhile, Felicity will be real busy, discovering links in Oliver's past with the addition of some guest character help, and more. So, yeah. We've got about two intriguing storyline scoops this week.

Secret identities have been exposed

"What We Leave Behind" is what the producers decided to name the next installment. It's certainly one of the more lengthy titles. In the official description, we first learn that evil Prometheus is going to serve up a very vicious attack on Curtis at some point. Then Oliver is going to come to the realization that Prometheus, somehow, is privy to all of the secret identities within Team Arrow's group, and that he is busy, plotting to carry out a deadly attack on each and every one of them!

Felicity enlists some new help

CW made sure to put the Prometheus plotline of this episode in all caps, so look for that to be one of the storylines that gets most of the focus. Next, to wrap up their short synopsis, they revealed that Felicity is going to team up with a guest character, named Detective Malone. He played by actor, Tyler Ritter, and he will help Felicity locate a clue that actually links Prometheus to something that went down in Oliver's past.

They didn't elaborate on that any further, because they have to leave something there for you to tune into, but I'm sure that whatever it is, it will be very intriguing to say the least.

A little bit of credit info, reveals that the show hired the writing team of Wendy Mericle & Beth Schwartz to pen the script, and they handed over directing duties to Antonio Negret.

Possible new teases tonight

We totally expect to see some more spoilery intel to get revealed later on, tonight, after episode 8 airs, because CW will most likely release another new promo clip for episode 9, so be sure to be on the lookout for that.

The press released also let us know that we can expect to see episode 9 air in its same 7pm central time slot, next Wednesday night, December 7th, so you'll want to be sure to plan for that, and keep checking back for more scoops.

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