Ok, so the new, official spoilers for CW's upcoming "Arrow" episode 8 of season 5, came in, and they sound very intriguing, but they are really, really short. It turns out that this episode might feature some more crossover action with the Flash and Supergirl. I say ",might," because the synopsis wasn't quite clear on who's appearing.

We got an intense title for this one

We do also have a title for this episode. It's being called: "Invasion," which sounds like a pretty intense title. As far as the synopsis goes, CW revealed that this episode is going to feature a storyline that's a 3rd part in a 4 part crossover that started out, featuring The Flash and Supergirl.

We might see Supergirl and The Flash

The way they worded the description is the reason why I said they might show The Flash and Supergirl. They said this is a crossover that "began" with those two, so I'm only guessing that they will still continue to feature them in this episode. If they do, definitely look for some cool action to go down with those two.

This episode ends on a different show

From there, CW went on to conclude their little synopsis reveal by telling us that this storyline is supposed to wrap up in one of the DC's "Legends Of Tomorrow" episodes.

So, yeah. That's not confusing at all, huh? Anyways, it sounds like if you want to see this storyline's conclusion, you'll need to be watching both "Arrow" and "Legends of Tomorrow." It's basically an obvious way to get individual show fans that might not be watching the other shows, to tune in. It's a business, folks. It's a business.

Anyways, hopefully some more, new spoiler intel will pop up for this episode from some other sources.

Either way, it will be quite confusing to keep up with as they're splitting it up across multiple, different shows. I'm hearing part of it is shown in an episode of Supergirl as well, so I guess, just do the best you can to follow it.

No new episode next week

There's some bad news for next week, guys. There will be no new episode for November 23rd. Instead, you're going to have to wait until Wednesday night, November 30th to see this episode.

For some reason, The CW will be showing a special "The Hollywood Walk of Fame Honors" show ,next week, so just be sure to make note of that on your "Arrow" calendars.

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