Hey, "American Horror Story" fans. Yep, it's definitely a go. I'm very happy to be able to inform you that FX, with out a doubt, renewed your favorite show for brand new season 7, which means you guys can expect to see new spoilers, and more to pop out of the woodworks. In fact, some already have! I'll get to those later in this article.

The show got an early renewal

First, I need to tell you that the official renewal was reported by the folks over at TV Line way back at the beginning of October 2016, so FX was very confident in the show. There was never any doubt that AHS was getting their renewal.

In addition to the renewal report, they also mentioned that a potential 8th installment will happen, and it apparently, is stirring up quite a buzz, because the show's producer, Ryan Murphy, said he's working on a very secret season that only he and one of his writers know about. It's like a 2 year, ongoing project that will only have one person, writing all the episodes.

Great praise for season 6 Roanoke

Ryan also said he doesn't know when this secret season will air, so that does sound very intriguing to say the least. The FX president, John Landgraf, had some very positive words for the show and its crew during the renewal announcement. He complimented Ryan, Brad and all the writers for doing a remarkable job with the script, and that they were honored to give the show a new, 7th installment.

The Roanoke premiere, drew in very big numbers, around 13 million viewers. Only the debuts of "Freak Show" and "Hotel," beat it.

Freak Show characters to show up next season

Now for the possible season 7 spoilers. They say, Ryan revealed that it's is not going to be as secretive as Roanoke was. The season 7 premiere date is actually scheduled to be announced during the Spring of 2017.

He said the new season is going to feature a huge hook, and will involve several characters from the Freak Show season!

A possible new "Coven" season revealed

That's all the spoiler dish that Ryan would mention about season 7. However, he did drop another, very interesting spoiler bomb on us for some possible other future season by telling them that he plans to bring back Lady Gaga's character from season 6 to take part in a season that will revisit the season 3 "Coven" storyline.

That's really exciting to me, since that was actually my favorite season. Alright guys. Expect to see even more 7th installment spoilers to get dished over the next days, weeks and months. Stay tuned.

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