Last night, FX served up the new promo/spoiler clip for their upcoming "American Horror Story" episode 9 of the show's current season 6. I just got a chance to watch it, and it serves up some very intense and highly dramatic stuff as Shelby is seen, yelling that it's real and everyone is dead! We see a heavy running scene through the woods that you know is just going to turn out bad! Some guy yells, "The blood moon is coming" and more!

We got another simple title

The title this 9th episode installment is kept very simple, just like all the other titles for this season.

It's called: "Chapter 9." It's very fitting, given that it's the 9th episode and all.

They've got to get out of there

Alright, so getting back to the clip, we see it start out, showing a very intense and angry Shelby, trying to explain that everyone is dead, and that they're going to be next if they don't find a way to get out of there! In the next scene, we see a guy, yelling the question: "do any of you not see what's going on here?" That's followed by a screaming scene and a guy, running through the woods as fast as he freaking can.

We also hear a voice, scream: "The blood moon is coming!"

Shelby gets really angry again

That's followed by a flurry of terrifying and action-filled scenes that show a wild car chase, people screaming, and some bloody hands on a steering wheel. Then finally, the clips caps off, giving us another look at angry Shelby, saying: "This is not a joke! We're not pretending anymore!"

Episode 9 is confirmed to air on November 10th

So, yeah.

Judging from this clip, things are only going to get even more insane in episode 9. Be sure to check out the promo clip, below, as soon as you can. According to the schedule, you can expect to see episode 9, hit the airwaves next Wednesday night, November 10th, 2016 at 9pm central time on FX.

Also, be sure to check back, next week, as we'll get the new promo/spoiler clip, posted for the new episode 10, which will be titled: "Chapter 10." No surprise there, huh.

Also, that will also be the season 6 finale episode. Unfortunately, this season, everyone was pretty short on spoiler intel, because they wanted to keep everything under tight wraps.

There will be a season 7

FX never dropped any synopsis spoilers, so we had to wait until spoiler clips came out to get any intel for what the next episode might have in store. Hopefully, they'll be more forthcoming with their season 7 episodes. And yes, there will be a new season 7, so you can start rejoicing, early. Stay tuned.

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