Alright, guys. We 've got some new, official spoiler intel for this new, upcoming "Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD" episode 8 of the show's current season 4, which is apparently going to be the Winter finale episode according to ABC's press release. So, you guys are going to want to get prepped for a long break, coming up here shortly. We'll give you more details on that later on. This new episode 8 will get quite intriguing and very drama-filled when the SHIELD crew finds themselves, having to team up with Ghost Rider to take down a threat that is trying to destroy all of Los Angeles, and more!

Lots of lives are at stake

The folks on the production crew, decided that this episode should be named: "The Laws of Inferno Dynamics," so that sounds like a pretty interesting title. ABC kept this synopsis quite short, this time, only giving us one storyline scoop that will be taking place. I turns out that everyone that lives in Los Angeles, California, will be in great danger of losing their lives as it's described that their lives will be hanging in the balance!

An unlikely union

This catastrophic event will prompt a very unlikely alliance between Ghost Rider and the SHIELD crew to form, so that they can have a fighting chance at stopping whatever is threatening the existence of so many people.

The episode was penned by Paul Zbyszewski. Wow, what a last name, huh? I don't even think that's pronounceable, or at the very least, not even worth trying to pronounce. I would just call him Paul Z. Anyways, continuing with the credits, Kevin Tancharoen, handled the directing duties for this one, so lets give them a round of applause.

Possible new teasers in the promo clip tonight

Now, I know that was a really short spoiler tease, and that there should definitely be some more storylines that will take place in this 8th installment.

So, what you're going to want to do, is be sure you catch the new promo/spoiler clip that I'm sure ABC will be dropping after episode 7 airs tonight. It'll definitely reveal extra spoilery intel for it.

We also got confirmation from the press release that episode 8 is scheduled to hit the airwaves next Tuesday night, December 6th at 9pm central time, so be sure to schedule that in on your TV viewing plans for next week, and stay tuned.

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