Hey, "Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD" fans. It is with great displeasure that I have to tell you guys that your favorite show is being put on the backburner by ABC, tonight. However, there is a very good reason. Every major network is clearing out their usual line up to offer up exclusive, live coverage of the Presidential Election for 2016.

Presidential election coverage takes over

That's right. We're going to finally find out if the Democratic candidate: Hilary Clinton or the Republican candidate: Donald Trump will be our new President of The United States come January 2017!

I know I will definitely be tuning in. However, for those of you who aren't interested, you might definitely want to make other plans. Maybe watch a cable channel that's not covering the election, or just give TV a break for tonight.

The show will be gone for a couple of more weeks

With that being said, we have some other bad news to share with you guys as well. It turns out that this isn't the only night that your favorite show will be bumped off the ABC schedule. Right now, we're looking at it being gone for another two more weeks.

What's going down, next week, is they're airing a special "David Blaine: Beyond Magic" show. I'm actually pretty excited to watch this one, because there hasn't been a David Blaine special in a while, and I'm curious to see what new stuff he comes up with, this time.

Episode 7 is scheduled to air on November 29th

These David Blaine specials have been airing, periodically, since 1997 with the his intro special: "David Blaine: Street Magic." It's crazy to think it's almost been 20 years now, because I remember that special like it was yesterday.

Anyways, I digress. Then the week after that, which would fall on November 22nd, the show will not be airing. I don't have access to any details about why it's not airing on that date. I just know that the new episode 7 isn't scheduled to air until November 29th, 2016 from sources at the Agents Of SHIELD wikia page. That's how they have it listed.

ABC dropped a promo spoiler clip for episode 7

Also, ABC provided confirmation of that return date in their most recent promo spoiler clip (below) for episode 7.

In the clip, they reveal a brief synopsis for it ,saying: The spirit of vengeance continues his demonic quest. The clip also shows some heavy action with May, pulling out her gun while storming a location. We see some speeding car action, followed up with a fiery, very angry Ghost Rider in action. It looks like he will definitely still be going off the rails. Check it out, below.

Also, be sure to mark down that Tuesday night, November 29th, 2016 date on your TV calendars. It will air in the same 9pm central time slot. Episode 7's title is not yet known. The only intel that's available for the episode is in the promo clip, but more intel will pop up in a couple weeks.

Stay tuned.

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