Netflix announced downloading tool that will allow its users to watch its products offline.

How can the new tool be used?

According to reports, Netflix has recently announced the tool, which will allow users to be able to watch shows and movies by downloading them onto their Android or iOS devices, and will have them available to watch at times when there is no available internet connection, such as on the subway or on an airplane flight. Beforehand, the Netflix service could only be employed when devices had an internet connection.

Reportedly, the service is free of cost to members of the Netflix program.

That said, members are told to make sure that they have the most recent form of the Netflix application to have the downloading tool, which is said to come in the form of a button. The downloads expire after a while on their own, but there is no set time limit, as licensing agreements control which specific titles last longer than others. Added to that, users are advised to delete their downloads as soon as possible to make room for more space.

Some shows that are currently available for watching include "Orange Is the New Black," "Narcos," and "The Crow." However, some shows are said to be restricted, such as "Gilmore Girls," "Friends," or "New Girl," despite being available on the main Netflix streaming service.

In a released statement, Netflix has also said that they will try to ensure the downloading rights for the majority of their products, or "for the bulk of the content on our service."

Is Netflix trying to contend with Amazon?

Interestingly, Netflix had previously mocked the concept in an earlier released statement, claiming that it was virtually a "short term fix for a bigger problem." It has been speculated that Netflix was inspired to make the move after Amazon Prime employed a similar program to allow their users to download content to be watched offline, dubbed Prime Instant, which is also a free service.

Interestingly enough, the original Prime Instant program was likely developed to help Amazon compete against Netflix, as an original press release of the program boasted that it was quite “unlike Netflix” and even would employ programs that Netflix had previously lost the rights toward.

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