If you love all things Oz, NBC has a new twist on the tale of Dorothy Gale and the “Wizard of Oz” coming to television in January. The network has released the first-full length trailer for the 10 episode event series, “Emerald City,” in which Dorothy is transported to the new land in the midst of a Kansas storm.

A whole new Dorothy Gale

Dorothy, who first appeared in the children’s novels by L. Frank Baum, was brought to the screen most famously in the musical “The Wizard of Oz” by Judy Garland. This time around, the Kansas farm girl will be a police officer played by Adria Arjona who just wants something more than Kansas has to offer.

The trailer also demonstrates that Dorothy won’t just have those familiar ruby slippers anymore. Instead, she’s got some new ruby jewelry that appears as if by magic, prompting the old question asked of her in every iteration of the story -- is she a good witch or a bad witch?

More twists in the tale

In addition to the new version of Dorothy, NBC’s “Emerald City” also updates the tales of Oz in a variety of new and interesting ways.

Dorothy and Toto aren’t swept away to have their house land on the wicked witch of the east, but in her police car, hitting her in a snow storm.

That particular wicked witch will be brought to life by Florence Kasumba, whom you might have caught in “Captain America: Civil War,” and who has roles in upcoming superhero films “Black Panther” and “Wonder Woman.” It’s probably a safe bet that audiences will see more of her beyond her initial confrontation with Dorothy that kills the wicked witch in the older story.

Viewers will also notice that the scarecrow is no longer a man made of straw, but a man punished in the middle of the field. Lucas, played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen, will still accompany Dorothy on her journey, but it will be through an Oz viewers might not recognize.

A whole new Oz

This new take on Oz also won’t be the fairy tale kids are used to. Instead, Dorothy will find herself in the middle of a land where witches might be real, but magic is outlawed by the all-powerful wizard (Vincent D’onofrio).

She might have always thought of herself as a simple girl from Kansas, but she might be just what Oz needs to bring the warring factions together. It’s less yellow brick road and more Middle Earth in this version of the classic story.

Emerald City” comes to NBC with a two hour season premiere on January 6 at 9PM.

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