Natalie Negrotti and James Huling fell for one another this past summer on “Big Brother 18” and they have managed to transition their showmance into a true romance. “Jatalie” is currently navigating the challenges of having a long-distance romance at this point, but “BB18” fans cannot get enough of these lovebirds and they are clearly head-over-heels for one another despite living in different parts of the country.

James and Natalie had a brief reunion over the weekend

James Huling and Natalie Negrotti spent quite a bit of time after the “Big Brother 18” finale traveling together, but she recently had to head home to New Jersey after a fun trip to his home in Texas.

Jatalie surprised many “BB18” fans by reuniting briefly over the weekend in Detroit for a Bullies Reality event, and the buzz is that at the very least, he will be visiting her later in the month for an important event she has coming up as a New York Jets Cheerleader.

While Natalie and James have a ton of “Big Brother 18” fan support and are sharing plenty of positive and uplifting notes with supporters, a recent post of hers brought a bit of drama that sparked a sign of unity from the pair. Negrotti posted a short video to her Instagram page that came from a NY Jets promotion, and she caught quite a bit of grief over it.

Luckily, Huling wasted no time in standing up for his love.

Negrotti and Huling stand united against critics of her recent social media post

The short video shows Natalie in a bikini on the beach and it did not take long for the “haters” to blast her for what some felt was a pretty racy clip. However, Negrotti had no trouble standing up for herself and many “Big Brother 18” supporters were quick to spread the positivity as well.

Huling was tagged by many people commenting on the post, some seemingly insinuating that he should take issue with the sexy video. James quickly commented himself pointing out that she's a grown woman and she can post whatever she wants to her Instagram page.

Of course, while Natalie surely loved the support she got from her guy, she did a great job battling the critics herself and showed a determination to focus only on the positivity rather than the negativity.

She also joked in one response that James said he would do a bikini photo shoot as well, so it looks like despite the criticism, she managed to maintain a good attitude about the drama.

Jatalie remains united and positive despite pushback from some

This message of positivity overflowed to Natalie's Twitter page where she posted numerous tweets sticking up for herself and pointing out that she is a “self made princess” who is focusing only on “positive vibes.” This determination to remain positive comes as no surprise to Negrotti's "BB18" fans and her series of posts is striking a chord among her followers.

As for what comes next for Natalie Negrotti and James Huling, the "Big Brother 18" stars seem to just be taking things one step at a time for now. They are managing to see quite a bit of one another so far, and while the topic of marriage has come up, there aren't any solid long-term plans quite yet. Do you think that Jatalie will be able to go the distance and eventually tie the knot?

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