Several months ago, a rumor circulated that Stevie J was expecting a baby with his business partner Ms. Jackson, as well as the one that Joseline Hernandez claims is his. It turns out that Ms. Jackson was never pregnant or at least that is what she has claimed. However, she's taking some big shots at "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star Stevie J over a ring that she claims he stole from her.

Ms. Jackson claims Stevie J stole from her

A blog called East Coast Renaissance claims that Ms. Jackson contacted them with her side of the Stevie J story. She claims that it was the blogs who made up her pregnancy story and that she never really was knocked up.

She also said that she stopped talking to Stevie J around the same time that the pregnancy story dropped and that maybe the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star believed it but that she never told him that she was pregnant.

Then Ms. Jackson came out with a pretty big blow to Stevie J. She claims the "LHHATL" star owes her $200,000 because he stole a ring from her and that's how much it was worth. Stevie's former business partner contends that she told Joseline Hernandez that he was nothing but a coke head and now Stevie is mad because he always wanted to hook up with her and she wasn't interested.

Stevie J started beef with Ms. Jackson by blasting her on social media

This was all in response to Stevie J's recent social media blast, caught by Fameolous,where he came out and said that Ms.

Jackson was using drugs right along with him. Stevie also made sure to mention that Ms. Jackson's assistant said that she had an abortion and that she must have been doing drugs with him while she was pregnant.Ms. Jackson did respond to that Instagram message and said that drugs were the reason she didn't want him anymore.

She literally wrote, "I said no drugs and u won't stop."

Stevie J has even more baby mama drama

It looks like Stevie J has more than his fair share of drama to deal with right now. In addition to the ongoing drama with Ms. Jackson, the "LHHATL" star was recently sued by Joseline Hernandez. She wants to hurry up and prove that Stevie J is the father of her child before she even gives birth so she can set up child support and a parenting plan for the unborn baby girl.

Meanwhile, Stevie J is still on house arrest and is being regularly monitored to see if he's using drugs after managing to fail multiple drug tests and miss appointments for several others in relation to the $1.1 million child support case brought on by yet another baby mama that claims he failed to pay child support for two of his older children for years.

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