Miley Cyrus (23) posted an emotional video where she revealed her sadness because Donald Trump (70) was elected president. The pop star accepts that fact while crying inconsolably because she was a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton (69). The singer said that Hillary deserved to be the first female president of the country and thanked her for being a great inspiration for everyone. Cyrus went on to say that she would leave the country if Trump won, but now she prefers to stay here, sadly accepting reality.

Celebrities who would leave the U.S. for Trump

Since Trump was elected president many Celebrities like Eva Longoria (41), Amy Schumer (35), Chelsea Handler (41) and Samuel L. Jackson (67) want to leave the country because they could not stand the entrepeneur leading a nation. Celebrities think of countries like Canada and Australia to settle in and live in peace. Longoria wants to move to Mexico with her husband since he has a mansion there. Jackson chose South Africa to settle while the comedians Schumer and Handler would prefer to live in Spain.

Miley's crying

Miley Cyrus supported the candidacy of Hillary Clinton because she thinks she had all the conditions to be the first woman presiding over the country. The singer is an enthusiastic LGBT activist and from there, she struggles for all people to feel full, regardless of their sexual orientation. She is also a great advocate for women's right, so it is only logical that the pop star would feel identified with Clinton.

She was furious with Trump for his sexist phrases and she felt sad about this new reality.

Anyway, the singer says that she accepts people for what they are and that she accepts that the entrepeneur is president, she thanked Barack Obama for all the work done. She also asked Trump to have respect and compassion for all people. The celebrity thought to leave the country if Trump won but it seems that she reflected and will not go abroad.

The LGBT activist can send positive messages like the great artist she is, regardless of who the president is.

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