Vampires may not be the big spotlight thief they used to be, but are networks trying to change that? There was a time when Dracula was popular with audiences to the point where even "Buffy" did a Dracula episode. People went "Twilight" crazy during the films' run. Everywhere you looked on TV there seemed to be a vampire show: "The Vampire Diaries," "Being Human," "Moonlight," "Blood Ties," "Penny Dreadful," "True Blood," to name a few. Then "The Avengers" hit the box office and superheroes gained the spotlight.

With "The Vampire Diaries" in its current eighth and final season, it seems vampires craze is dead. Though, that may not necessarily be the case. We still have a few vampire shows that aren't as in the spotlight, and other shows have been planned for networks.

Current vampire shows on the CW and FX

The CW is a leading network for all things superhero. Shocking to some, but it's true. Before they dipped their toes into the comic book world, they explored all things supernatural, and I'm not just talking about the popular "Supernatural" which has the occasional vampire episode.

"The Vampire Diaries" has been a popular show for the network, even scoring several nomination and wins for awards from ALMA Awards to several People's Choice and Teen Choice Awards. The show may be ending, but let's not forget its spin-off "The Originals". Going into the spin-off's season 4, the CW has confirmed the character of Alaric (Matt Davis) will be appearing from "The Vampire Diaries". Not much yet is known about the upcoming season.

It will premiere midseason 2017 with a time jump that has the original family still out of the picture, and Hayley and daughter Hope (who has been recast with an older child actor) to save them. Other casting additions include a new love interest for Josh to be played by Keahu Kahuanuai (Teen Wolf). Executive Producer Julie Plec has denied rumors that "The Originals" will end with the upcoming season and has expressed big plans for the show.

FX favorite "The Strain", currently airing season 3, will conclude in 2017 with a fourth and final season to air next summer. The original plan for "The Strain" was for it to last three years, with around 39-60 episodes. Carlton Cuse, Guillermo del Toro, and Chuck Hogan looked at the story they had left after completing season 3 and realized the best option would be to write one more season.

Upcoming vampire shows planned for networks

With "The Vampire Diaries" going out, the CW plans to bring new vampires to their network with an adaptation of the 1987 film "The Lost Boys". Rob Thomas (IZombie, Veronica Mars) will serve as writer and executive producer of the project.

So far the only information is the show will span 70 years, starting with 1967 San Francisco in season 1. The project is planned to span seven seasons, each season focusing on a new decade, with new human characters. But the vampires will remain the same. "The Lost Boys" will use this frame to explore immortality.

FOX announces plans for adapting the popular trilogy "The Passage" by Justin Cronin. Liz Heldon (Friday Night Lights) will write the pilot with Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) set to direct. The story follows a band of humans working together to survive against virus-filled vampires. Coming to NBC midseason 2017 is "Midnight, Texas", based on the book series by Charlaine Harris, author of "True Blood".

The show follows wayward psychic (Francois Arnaud) who arrives in a Texas town, only to discover more to the sleepy town than meets the eye. With vampires, ghosts, witches, angels, and even a hit woman, situations are bound to be complicated.

Are you looking forward the new vampires shows from FOX, NBC, and the CW?

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