Michael Bublé and his wife, Lusiana Lopilato have confirmed that their three-year-oldson Noahhas cancer. Noah is their oldestof the couple's two sons. They also have a nine-month-old son named Elias.The parents wrote a joint statement and posted the news on Facebook. Michael, 31, and Lusiana, 29, are devastated and have put their careers on hold so they can focus all their attention on helping Noah get well.

In the Facebook post, they asked for prayers and privacy from the public during this time.

They are confident that prayers and support from family, friends, and fans worldwide will help them tremendouslyalong this journey.The family lives in Canada, but Noah is undergoing treatment in the United States. At first, they thought Noah had a case of the mumps before doctors discovered that the little boy has Cancer.

Michael and Lusiana's engagements

Bubléis a singer and Lusiana is an actress and model. Every Christmas, fans look forward to Bublé'sChristmas special on television. Before Noah's diagnosis, the singer appeared in recent weeks on several talk shows to promote his new album, "Nobody But Me" that was number two on the UK chart last week.

Both Michael and Lusiana have scheduled appearances in the coming months. However, they plan to focus on their son's health. Michael is due to appear at the BBC Music Awards on December 12. Early next year, he has some engagements. For example, he is scheduled to host the Brit Awards in London on February 22 and the Juno Awards in Ottawa on April 2. His wife is working on a new film titled "Los Que Aman."

Familyis important

As you can see from the above Facebook post, family is very important to Michael and Lusiana.

They have vowed to do everything possible so Noah will have a speedy recovery. Within five hours of the Facebook post, there were over 430,000 likes, 40,252 shares, and 54,564 comments. The numbers continue to increase because of the love fans have for the singer, his wife, and children. The whole world is praying and wishing the very best for them.

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