Megyn Kelly has been a journalist at Fox News for the last decade. She has strong views both on politics and on issues of equality for women which she expresses frequently. It isn't very long ago that she got into a heated feud with a current presidential candidate over questions of the treatment of women by that candidate. It should come as no surprise that in her new book she talks about combating sexual harassment at Fox News.

Treatment of women at Fox News

Recently former chairmen at Fox News was found out to be sexually harassing several female employees on multiple occasions.

Charges were made and eventually he lost his job over the ordeal. That didn't stop Megyn Kelly from talking about it. She had choice words to say such as "There was a pattern to his behavior." Many of his accusers have also been demonized in the media by their peers at Fox News.

She stands up for herself and others

In her book Megyn Kelly describes scenes in his office in which he would try to kiss her or make lewd comments to her underwear. She had to refuse his advances on multiple occasions. It took a while for her to speak up but eventually she did when other women were being victimized for doing so.

At some point Roger Ailes attempted to get others including Kelly to stand up for him when he had all of these accusations thrown at him. That is when she decided to tell her story.

Whether you like Megyn Kelly or not there is at least one thing that you can count on. She has a record of standing up for women. From calling on presidential candidates to discuss the topic of sexual harassment in their own lives to taking on her own colleagues at Fox News she has now become a great example for women who want to have careers in media.

Although her opinions sometimes may be one sided her support of the fair treatment of women has never been. If you want to be a journalist who stands up to injustice and who asks tough questions about issues Megyn Kelly can at the very least be one example of someone who has.

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