Mary J. Blige is a successful singer going through a bitter Divorce from her husband who was also her business manager. Blige appeared on "Good Morning America" on Wednesday, November 16 to talk about her highly publicized divorce from Martin “Kendu” Isaacs. The “No More Drama” singer revealed during the interview with Robin Roberts that the lack respect played a big part in why she has to move on in order to save herself. The nine-time Grammy Award winner is the one who filed for divorce last July after 12 years of marriage.

She cited irreconcilable differences and asked that any spousal support not be granted.

Mary J. Blige's bitter divorce

Even though the couple has no children, court records show that Isaacs is requesting a monthly spousal payment of $130,000 to continue the lifestyle he has grown accustomed to. In addition to the spousal support, Isaacs is requesting another $100,000 for attorney fees and $30,000 for accountant fees. Since Isaacs has no income now that he is no longer Blige's manager, he believes he is still entitled to the 10 percent a month salary she was paying him because he contends she is still making money off of the assignments he helped her get.

This includes her new album and an upcoming tour.

The 45-year-old singer makes more than $5 million per year, and Isaacs believes he is entitled to a portion of it. He wants the judge to award him spousal support now instead of waiting for the divorce to be finalized. Even though a prenuptial agreement was waived before they married, Isaacs is contesting the waiver because when he signed it, he was not represented by an attorney and says he did not fully understand what he was signing.

A court hearing will be held on December 8, 2016, for a judge to sort things out for the couple.

Singer's advice to women

Blige says even though her divorce is troubling to her, her heart is OK. She gives a message to women who might be going through the same thing. She tells them not to rely on others to handle their business affairs. She encourages women to take responsibility and stay on top of things so something like this won't happen to them.

Realizing that she has an uphill battle, the singer concludes that she has to stay strong for herself in order to save herself.

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