Inhumans” has seen a difficult development road for Marvel over the last few years. Originally slated to debut as a movie in 2018, the property was shelved to make room for other films in Marvel’s development slate, like their shared ‘Spider-Man’ venture with Sony Pictures. The studio has now announced that they won’t be going ahead with their original movie plans, but will instead craft a series based on the comic book property, but in a unique move, the series will debut in IMAX first.

See the first two episodes in 2017

A first for both IMAX and network television, “Inhumans” will debut in theaters on IMAX screens with its first two episodes.

Marvel notes that “a version” of the first two episodes of the series will land in theaters for the first two weeks of September 2017. Once the two weeks are up, “Inhumans” will leave IMAX behind and viewers will be able to watch the series from the comfort of their own homes on ABC. Marvel Studios and ABC networks are both owned by the larger Disney company. In their announcement, Marvel noted that addition “exclusive content” for the series would only be seen on ABC, which seems to indicate the first two episodes of the series will be edited into a movie format for viewers.

A bold step for Marvel

This marks the first time Marvel has ever made a move like this for one of their TV shows. The studio currently produces six series for Netflix, “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones,” “Luke Cage,” “Iron Fist,” “The Defenders,” and “The Punisher.” They also produce “Agents of SHIELD” for ABC, and previously produced “Agent Carter” for the same network.

Unlike the previously mentioned series though, “Inhumans” has been ordered straight to series already. Freeform, formerly ABC Family, also ordered the comic book based series “Cloak and Dagger” straight to series from Marvel earlier this year, but the project has seen delays. Originally schedule for a 2017 debut, it’s been pushed to 2018.

What this means for ‘Agents of SHIELD’

Agents of SHIELD” has already introduced Inhuman characters to the series, thought not any of the characters that star in the “Inhumans” comic books. For “Agents of SHIELD,” the writers have been exploring the idea of what it means to be Inhuman -- a person whose abilities come from a mixture of human and (the alien race) Kree DNA that undergoes an activation process.

The comic books named for the race of people typically focuses on the royal family in hiding on Earth, something the show has yet to address. One of the series main characters, Daisy Johnson (Chloe Bennet) is an Inhuman with the ability to “quake.”

With “Inhumans” set to debut on television after its initial theatrical run, the writing might be on the wall for “Agents of SHIELD.” ABC has been reluctant to have more than one superhero series on its schedule at a time, even airing “Agent Carter” while “Agents of SHIELD” was on hiatus. Currently in its fourth season, “Agents of SHIELD” has seen a decline in live ratings as it moved to a 10PM timeslot, though it does boast huge gains in DVR numbers.

It’s probably too soon to say for sure that “Agents of SHIELD” won’t return for a fifth season, but with so many other connected Marvel properties on Netflix, Freeform, and now, ABC, it’s also possible that if the show ended, the characters could be moved to new series.

You can currently catch “Agents of SHIELD” Tuesdays at 10PM on ABC. The next new episode airs November 29.

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