There have been dozens of famous pairings known to mankind since the earth was formed. Adam and Eve. Tom and Jerry. Mickey and Minnie. Frick and Frack. And now VH1 presents cooking and lifestyle guru, Martha Stewart, and the dogg-father of rap, Snoop Dogg, or as they introduced themselves on their new Reality TV show: "Queen of Cuisine" and "King of Kush," respectively. “Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party” premiered Monday night on the VH1 network giving those bracing for either a “Trumpocalypse” or more Clinton chronicles some comic relief.

Strange concept? Maybe, but the two odd-fellows have forged a friendship over the years. The show kicked off with guests Seth Rogen and Wiz Khalifa. While showing off his talent for frying chicken, Snoop and Rogen wore protective googles in case there was grease splatter. One might wonder what are some of the 45-year-old’s favorite cooking ingredients. Well, he likes using OG onion powder, black pepper kush, garlic powder hash and paprika haze. Will wonders never cease? Perhaps in the next episode, Martha will brand her own signature dishes with delightful names like “Greenwich spinach” and “sweet Yankee yams.” Interesting note in the great fried chicken cook-off, one coats their fowl in potato chips and the other soaks their bird in brine for two days.

Guess who does which?

Ain’t no party like a Martha and a Snoop party

Aside from good food and great company, the two hosts cook up some comedy as well. Viewers should also expect a clash in décor. While Martha sticks with a traditional family welcoming kitchen style, Snoop opts for something which best describes his personality. The “Drop It Like It’s Hot” rapper prefers purple and glitter for a backdrop featuring “Casino” and “Goodfellas” posters plastered about.

Oh, and there is that refrigerator which plays music every time the door is opened.

And that’s a good thing

Snoop Dogg, a Long Beach, California native even thought enough to invite music students from Long Beach City College to the show. Other confirmed guests scheduled to appear on the new series include: 50 Cent, Mike Epps, Kathy Griffin, Keke Palmer, DJ Khaled and hometown boy Ice Cube. The cooking-talk show airs at 10 p.m.

Mondays on the VH1 network.

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