Mariah Carey had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday, including her beautiful children and a divorce settlement with former husband Nick Cannon. While most of us slipped into our comfy pants to accommodate the extra calories we devoured on the holiday, others like the singer, wore a figure-hugging body suit and skinny jeans. She posted a photo on Instagram on Thanksgiving wearing a plunging white long sleeve body suit paired with ripped skinny jeans. She is seen holding a pie and whipped cream.

Carey hashtagged the photo #festivating #happythanksgiving. But many fans and critics of the photo are calling foul claiming the photo is Photoshopped.

Mariah Carey accused of altering Instagram post

Many self-proclaimed photoshop experts flooded Carey's comments section to call her out on it. Social media users pointed out the inconsistencies in the photo, including a bit of a warp in the picture near her right thigh and an eyebrow-raising bend on the mirror frame located by her left shoulder. At the time this article was written, the post had more than 106,000 likes and more than 4,000 comments.

Mariah Carey fans outspoken about the photo

Some Instagram users slammed the singer for being inauthentic and slammed the skill level of the photoshopping.

Babydoll9355 wrote, “wow, you need to fire whoever photoshopped this image, it looked like a 1st grader did it!”

But others had Carey's back and weren't quick to judge.

Mswilddiva defended the singer and wrote, “Why all the hate and age shaming? Jealous much?

You look great boo!”

Mariah Carey has a past of photoshopping photos

This isn't the first time Mariah Carey has been called out for photoshopping and tweaking her photos. She has been accused of altering album covers to give her a more slim and toned body. The five-time Grammy winner was also slammed on Snapchat after she posted a photo of herself exiting a plane. Critics say the singer looked visibly slimmer compared to recent photos.

She was photographed in fishnet stockings, a black skirt, and long sleeve shirt.

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