Biju Menon, the talented actor of Mollywood, is back in another movie as a solo hero, and this time he has joined hands with commercial filmmaking specialist Jos Thomas. The duo's new Malayalam movie "Swarna Kaduva" was released in India and the US on September 04, 2016.

Touted to be a comedy-drama, this film has met the expectations of audiences who love mindless commercial entertainers. Acclaimed writer Babu Janardhanan has penned the script of the movie, and it also stars Poojitha Menon, Iniya, and Innocent in other prominent roles.

The journey of a common man

The film begins just like like any otherMalayalam movie, in which we can see the hero who is struggling to meet the two ends of his life.

He tries his luck in various fields, but all of his efforts go in vain. Things take an unforeseen turn in his life when money embraces his journey, and this forms the major crux of the story.

Biju Menon has done full justice to his role asRini Maatummeland it was a sheer treat to watch him on screen. His performance in comedy scenes was excellent, and this is one of the major highlights of this flick. Innocent as Lolappan succeeded in tickling the funny bones of the audiences.

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Poojitha Menon and Iniya who have played the role of female leads had nothing much to do.

A typical Jose Thomas movie

Jos Thomas is such a filmmaker who is a master in making movies filled with immense humour and comedy sequences.

The first half of this film is quite ordinary in nature, but still, it will not make the audiences in any manner. In the second half, the director has added some thrilling elements, and it will make you sit on the edge of the theatre seats.

Box-office prediction

Just like "Marubhoomiyile Aana", this Biju Menon starrer will also emerge as a safe bet for the producers.

Since there are no major Malayalam films released this week, this movie will collect more than Rs 4 Crores by the end of this weekend.

Stay tuned for the latest box-office updates on this cinema.

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