Negan, by slaughtering both Abraham and Glenn, has broken Rick’s spirit in the first episode of the current season of “The Walking Dead.” But, according to an interview with Lauren Cohen, the actress who plays Glenn’s wife and the mother of his child Maggie, he may have badly miscalculated. Maggie, according to Cohen, is not broken at all. She is out for vengeance and may well get it.

Of course, Maggie has a baby to birth and then raise in the midst of the horror the world has become because of the zombie apocalypse.

She will also be headed for the Hilltop community to try to make a new life.

Negan’s one serious flaw (the worst among women) is his contempt for the strength of women. He has, or at least thinks he has made so many of them submit so quickly through violence that he cannot conceive of a female striking him down. Maggie may be the one to do it. How it may happen, which may or may not track with the storyline of the comic books.

In the comic books, Maggie inspires Rick and the leaders of the Hilltop community and the Kingdom to fight back against Negan and the Saviors.

The war is a near run thing, but in the end, Negan and his men are defeated and the mad, bad, and dangerous to know wielder of Lucille the barbed baseball bat becomes a permanent prisoner of Rick, who senses that a life of confinement would be worse for him than would be death.

“The Walking Dead” is a strange series because of its unrelenting bleakness. The zombie apocalypse and the empowerment of evil men such as the Governor and Negan have made life a hell on Earth for most people.

Europe shortly after the fall of Rome must have been like that to some degree when the Pax Romana had been overthrown, and nothing was left but the law of the sword.

Of course, the TV series has been known to take certain departures from the story in the comics. It will be interesting to see what and in which form the vengeance exacted by Maggie against Negan takes. It is bound to be bloody and bleak in keeping with the spirit of the series,

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