Lisa Marie Presley has gone through a rough week. Reports stating that the only daughter of legend Elvis Presley was placed in a psych ward in a Los Angeles rehab facility after becoming suicidal due to battling a major prescription pill addiction surfaced. The news report was reported via a celebrity gossip tabloid magazine so Presley fans need to take into consideration the source before believing the details.

Presley death hoax rumors flood internet

The tabloid magazine reported that Lisa suffered a breakdown due to her recent divorce and custody battle issues involving her twins.

The same article claims that in the process Lisa has also allegedly revealed that she was sexually abused as a child, weird and disturbing details of her marriage to Michael Jackson, and major mother/daughter issues with mom, Priscilla Presley.

As previously reported, Lisa did enter a rehab facility in August for help with an addiction to prescription pain pills. However, very little has been revealed about her rehab stay since. Following the news that Lisa was suicidal came an online report on Friday that Presley, 48, had died.

Presley battling pill addiction

Rumors began spreading online and a Facebook page was made titled R.I.P. Lisa Marie Presley. The page was flooded with fans sending their condolences over the death of Elvis Presley's daughter. However, the page and death rumors were all part of another internet celebrity death hoax confirmed by Lisa's rep.

Lisa's rep released a statement earlier Saturday stating that Lisa was very much alive.

Her rep also requested that fans please stop "believing" what they see on the internet. This is somewhat easier said than done for many online celebrity news followers considering that the Facebook page garnered close to one million likes and comments in just a matter of hours.

Once again, Presley is alive! At this time Presley's rehab status remains unknown as no new news from a reputable source has revealed whether or not Lisa remains in rehab, or if she has been released.

Many fans also find it remarkable that after Elvis' death nearly four decades ago, millions of people across the globe continue to hold such a major interest in anything and everything Presley family related.

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