Leonard Cohen has died and across the world, hearts melt with sorrow. It is hard for people to imagine he has gone and with him his incredible talent for finding the perfect words to paint our hearts the color of the moment.

In a few simple lines, the Canadian heartstring maestro could paint a generation, a future, magnificent love, sweaty sex and dance along the road of human dreams. He could, in a simple lyric talk of America, democracy and the divisive "squalls of hate."

Leonard Cohen leaving now - fitting perhaps

The aftermath of the Trump election has left America in an uproar, in squalls and squeals of pain and division. Perhaps it is fitting that he should depart now?

Perhaps he has said all he had to say to the world and has gone on now to be carried away with "The god of love preparing to depart,.. (Leonard) hoisted on his shoulder,....to slip between the sentries of the heart."

The singer has sung his song - it's time to die

The singer has sung his song and "now it's time to die". Hopefully, he is not sorry for "smudging the air with (his) song." His songs have reached into the souls of millions - something which is hard to do in our harder age. Poets are dying out, the world is told and surely our modern poet Leonard is one of the very last of his kind to have graced the planet with raw pain, sweet beauty, and untouchable ethos.

No cure for love - the world will mourn

There really is "no cure for love," so those who loved him will mourn, as America mourns itself, mourns the Democracy they feel they have loved and lost as the new era dawns. There should be someone to write a poem, a song, some magnificent lyrics to sooth the souls of those left bereft, but the master poet has gone. Who can replace him? Perhaps the angels will reach down and paint his name on a cornerstone which will in eons to come be unearthed by a gentler civilization so that they will remember the depths of the struggle of mankind to find their own humanity.

Cohen sails on, sails away and leaves generations touched by his words, his depth of feeling and his own humanity. The earth is a sadder place for his passing, but his timeless words can still reach out and offer healing, love, tears, forgiveness, acceptance and brutal honesty in the years to come.

Listen and watch a sample of his beautiful music in the video below. If you don't know Leonard's music it is not too late to take it into your heart.

Tributes on Twitter use Cohen's own words

Many people remember Leonard Cohen and pay tribute on Twitter - often using his own words - for who could have said it any better than this master of words and the human heart?

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