Leah Remni was 9-years-old when her mother joined the Church of Scientology and thus her association began. In 2013 she left the church she was raised in and cut her ties. She will discuss this departure in her upcoming "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath" which airs on Nov 29th on A&E at 10PM Eastern time.

We have all heard the stories of the difficulties people face when they want to leave Scientology. There are accusations of being followed, shunning of the family members that remain in the church, and some ex-members claim they are bullied and endure terrible harassment for their decision to leave.

The allegations indicate that the higher a person is in the organization, the worse it is when they leave.

Leah Remni has been very open about her time both in the church and since leaving. Recently, on the "Ellen" show, she stated that she was going public because of the treatment of herself and others. As an actress she has an audience, a way to get the word out. There are many others that do not and are on their own to face the problems the church gives them when they leave.

What is the church saying?

The Church of Scientology has released statements regarding Leah Remini that are very negative. They have not, however, released a statement or offered an interview to address the accusations about their organization.

Not being a member of the Church of Scientology, this author has to wonder where the Bible comes into play in this. When does the church respond in a way that isn't an attack on the ones making the allegations?

"Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath" will have several other ex-church members as well.

Supposedly we can expect allegations of sexual assault, abuse, abortions, bullying and harassment. While the church has claimed the ones appearing with Leah Remini have already been discredited, their only response has been in the form of a web post.

Who else has left the Church of Scientology?

There are several celebrity Scientologists.

There are also several celebrities who have left the church. To name a few who have blazed the path before Remini, we have Lisa Marie Presley, Paul Haggis, Christopher Reeve, Sonny Bono and Candice Bergen. Even Will Smith had been actively recruited but never joined.

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