Indian TV show “Kumkum Bhagya” is a family drama series aired on Zee TV on prime time on week nights. Yesterday’s episode was full of high magnitude drama as Aaliya frames Pragya for doing forgery by putting down a story that Pragya forged power of attorney papers with the accountants help.

Aaliya tells Abhi that Pragya is a fraudster and wants to dupe him of all his money and property, but Abhi doesn’t believe this and shouts at Aaliya for framing Pragya. Aaliya asks Abhi not to sign the cheque as Pragya wants to steal his money and the amount will go to her.

Abhi doesn’t believe this and shows faith in Pragya honesty and refutes Aaliyah's charges against her. Aaliya snatches the papers from Pragya and shows to Abhi claiming that those were the power of attorney documents forged by Pragya as she wants to transfer his property to her name.

Dadi wants to know how Aaliya knows about this but Aaliya makes her quiet and very cunningly designs a story against Pragya that she overheard Pragya and accountant’s conversation when Pragya made forged contract papers with accountants help.

Did Pragya really cheat Abhi?

The auditoracts like he is guilty and tries to run but Abhi catches him. Now the accountant behaves like innocent and blames her for cheating Abhi. He tells Abhi that Pragya offered him 10% commission for making attorney papers.

Aaliya continues the drama and asks Tanu to call the police, but Dadi scolds Aaliya for calling the police. The accountant holds his words, but Abhi doesn’t believe him and says that he trusts Pregya Blindly.

Will Pragya come out scratch free from this trap?

Police walk in looking for Nikita Arora and Aaliya points to Pragya, but Abhi stops her and tells that the account must have done this.

Praagya holds Abhi’s hands asks him if he really believes that she could do something like this.

Abhi asks the inspector to leave her and let them handle the situation but police arrests Pragya.

Audience stays tuned to know if Abhi will find the truth of Pragyya.

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