Indian family drama series “Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi” aired on Sony TV is a beautiful depiction of relationships and the dilemma that occurs due to the clash of emotions among related people.

In Wednesday’s episode Dev celebrated his birthday with his family members but disappointed Sonakshi who had made special birthday arrangements for Dev in a restaurant.

Ishwari fails Sona and Dev’s birthday plans

The couple had decided to celebrate the birthday in a special way at midnight and had planned to stay with the family on the birthday.

But their plans fail as Ishwari stops dev as he tries to leave the house to meet Sona at the restaurant.

Dev sees the whole family in a celebration mood and cancels his plans of going out and stays with the family although he doesn’t seem to enjoy this very much but.

Sona eagerly waits at the restaurant for Dev and gets a call from Asha who asks her to get in the restaurant but Sona waits outside. Her phone battery dies out and cannot contact Dev.

Dev stays at home for the sake of Ishwari despite Mamaji ask him to leave

At home Ishwaari performs Aarti, but Mamaji could sense Dev’s anxiety and suggest him to leave to meet Sona.

Dev goes to the kitchen but returns sadly as he was not willing to disappoint his happy mother.

Mamaji thinks about the relationships dilemma Dev was going through to establish a balance between his mother and wife.

Dev sends a car to pick Sona which disappoints her. She takes driver’s phone and calls her mom. Asha asks her about Dev and tells her not to feel disheartened if he did not come.

Bijoy’s words make Aleena feel tensed

At Sona’s home the whole family is chit chatting and while talking Bijoy clears that there is no possibility for any other alliance with Dixit family. Aleena gets disappointed and feels sad to hear this as she is in a relationship with Dev’s not so good cousin brother Vicky.

Dev remains depressed but cuts the cake and celebrates his birthday with the family. Mamaiji and Neha feel happy for Sona’s absence.

Future episodes will bring to the audience more pain suffered by Sona as she tries to mingle up with Dev’s family who tries to keep her separated from most things and the tight spot Dev finds himself in as he tries to keep both the ladies happy.

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