Indian filmmaker Karan Johar's chat show ”Koffee With Karan” kicked off the new season with first invitees Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhatt who shares the screen in the upcoming Hindi movie “Dear Zindagi”.

The show invites celebrities to share the couch and some interesting parts of their lives.

As expected, the first episode of season 5 was highly entertaining with macho man SRK wondering if Ranveer Singh wore padded underpants in the movie ”Befikre” while Alia amused everyone by passing the GK quiz (remember her gaffe in previous season where she called Prithviraj Chauhan as the President of India!)

Karan was witty as ever in squaring the guests with his tricky questions.

Karan asked Badshah Khan if Alia was dating someone and he replied probably she is dating every young actor, but Alia refused and said though she started dating when she was sixteen, now she is keeping off all relationships including her reported steamy equation with Siddartha Malhotra.

Impressed with Alia who is ‘too good too soon’: Shahrukh wants her to be more ‘Demotional.'

Alia revealed, it was like a dream working with khan.Johar then questioned her if she was attracted to the superstar. Alia was positive and admitted that she was to be attracted to SRK even if she was dating someone.

Shahrukh admitted that he was flabbergasted with Alia, but she should learn more from the industry instead of being too good too soon.

He even quoted a new term for Bhat to adopt “Demotional’ which includes emotional + detached.

New slot in the show

Karan introduced a new idea in the show where he asked Shahrukh to recite a poem in Arnab Goswami style, and SRK was just so hilarious as he attempted the same.

Shahrukh won the hamper fifth time and dedicated to his daughter Suhana.

Aliya reveals her inquisitiveness and SRK his mistakes

Shahrukh said that his biggest mistake was to reject Raj Kumar Hirani’s “Three Idiots”. Alia told that she wants to stalk Kangana Ranaut to find out where she heads every day.

The first episode was highly entertaining, and audience now waits for the next one where B town's hottest couple Twinkle and Akshay Kumar are the invitees.

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