According to a new report, Kim Kardashian is yet to take the Kardashians Kids, North, and Saint to visit Kanye West in the Hospital. Diagnosed with mental illness which was said to be caused by exhaustion and sleep deprivation, the rapper remains in the custody of Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA receiving basic treatments. A source close to Kim had said that she is pretty worried about the kid getting around Kanye.

Kim's more concerned with her family

The source confirms that Kim is overwhelmed by the Keeping Up With The Kardashian episode currently ongoing but then, she is more interested in Kanye’s relationship with their kids, North, Three and 11 months old Saint.

While a source said that Kanye is still there because he’s clearly not doing well, it is also said that he has been paranoid and under constant watch for his very own safety as his current condition according to an insider has not changed from whence he was admitted to hospital a week ago and that his wife, Kim Kardashian had constantly kept sleepless night at his bedside.

Rumors of release came to nothing

Although there was a widespread rumor that the rapper and hip-hop producer Kanye West would be discharged from the psychiatric center to the care of his personal doctor yesterday, a report has said that it did not happen due to the fact that his condition has not changed.

According to reports from Daily Mail on Monday, Kanye seems to be under intensive watch and the insider confirms that Kanye is still on many different medications and that his doctors and specialist are feeling concerned as they could not find the proper dosage for his ailment.

Since the incident occurrence last week, of which his personal trainer called for emergency after noticing that Kanye was acting unstable, the hip-hop star has since put a dead end to the remainder of his Saint Pablo Tour which was suppose to take place and conclude some hours before New year eve in New York.

Meanwhile, The Keeping Up With The Kardashian show has been receiving good and admirable comments while another episode shooting was ongoing but with the unfolding of Kanye's psychological illness, the production of the show has been put to a pause as Kim is reported to be more concerned with his family and health issues of his husband, Kanye West.

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