Kim Kardashian (36) wants to have a third child with her husband Kanye West (39). After giving birth to baby boy Saint last year, the reality superstar did not want to have more children because she suffered a lot during pregnancy. Her husband managed to change her mind and is determined to enlarge the family. The problem is that her personal doctor warned her that a third pregnancy could kill her: she suffers from a placental abruption in all her births, so she could bleed to death in a hypothetical third pregnancy.

Looking for options

As a third pregnancy is very dangerous for Kim, she considers becoming a mother by way of a surrogate. This idea raises a new question to the celebrity: could she love that baby if it was born through this method? The reality superstar does not question loving that hypothetical baby in the same way that she loves her children North (3) and Saint (1). Kim defined her two pregnacies as the worst experience of her life, gained a lot of weight and suffered many body aches. Also she never understood how there are women who say that pregnancy is something beautiful.

A perfect family

The socialite and her husband are very satisfied with the family they formed. Kim comes from a large family and would like to repeat that experience. Kanye West is an only child and believes that large families are something positive. She became famous with her mother and sisters. They have also been able to support each other in difficult times, facing the siege of the media. They understand that when someone is famous, they must endure the criticism of everyone, because that is the price you have to pay if you want to be a celebrity.

Many believe that Kim wants to be a mother again, but she also has to take care of her health, while others think that she does not want to return to gaining weight. Her fame is based on her beauty and she is ready to do everything to preserve it. She is a style icon, where any and every sacrifice is worth it if it means being able to inspire others with her influence.

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