Kendall Jenner is a publicized model with close ties to esteemed fashion designers, clothing lines, beauty advertisements and runway shows. Her rumored beau Harry Styles is known as the lead singer for his band One Direction. The pair have the press and paparazzi documenting everything from routine outings to controversial events. Rumors about the pair have circulated in the media since 2013, but this November rekindled the worn assumption. Styles appeared at Jenner's 21st birthday bash along with a string of celebrities, so many fans wonder about a feasible affair.

Jenner and Styles from beginning and end

They met in Los Angeles a few years ago, and outlets reported a burgeoning friendship. Jenner and Styles are attractive, successful and fashionable, so these two were bound to date. Appearances at parties and holiday gatherings created even more buzz about their supposed partnership, but sources claimed they split within three months. According to The Sun, "Kendall has been focusing on her modeling and Harry is preparing for work on the band's fourth album...the reality is that with everything they both have going on, it's impossible to sustain anything serious." Their unfortunate rift was amicable.

Catwalks and tours are important feats that lessen with age and prominence. Jenner and Styles had to prioritize opportunity before love.

A rendezvous stirred not shaken

The celebration of rejuvenation popped with bubbly champagne and other various assortments of alcoholic beverages. Drunken festivities lead to nostalgic reveries with lust at the helm. The boozy occasion invigorated lofty expectations as the two conversed throughout the night.

The Times of India perpetuates, "Harry wanted to be one of the first people Kendall saw on her actual birthday...she would love to be in a real relationship with him." These lovebirds have their youth and their aspirations, so anything can happen between the two. However, if they become an item, Styles should remember Jenner's preferences. She states, "I love a good dinner and getting to know someone." Everyone could agree.

The moody lighting, scented candles and intimate atmosphere can only stoke the fire.

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