Like many families this post-election season, tensions and tempers are likely to heat up hotter than cooking temperatures for a roasted turkey. As a result of one of the most, if not the most, contentious presidential race in modern history, divisions among Americans have grown wider than the Red Sea. Pals are unfriending each other on social media, hatred and racism has been given a voice and grown legs and now the time-honored tradition of togetherness on Thanksgiving Day is even threatened. Pop singer and staunch Hillary Clinton supporter Katy Perry is among those facing relatives at the dinner table who supported president-elect Donald Trump.

The “Dark Horse” singer shared this fact with her millions of Twitter followers, hinting that it would be difficult due her family’s opposing views of the presidential nominees. Perry revealed to a stunned audience at the Clinton election night party that her Pentecostal preaching parents, Keith and Mary Hudson, voted for Donald Trump.

You can go home again

Katy Perry added that she was still planning to sit at the dinner table with her parents for Thanksgiving and reminded everyone that the election upset should not cause parents and children to stop loving each other.

She also mentioned that the United States is a great country which allows everyone the freedom to voice their opinions, hopes and fears. In Perry’s latest tweet, she wrote of her intentions of having a peaceful conversation with her parents and included a link to the New York Times write up “How Could You? 19 Questions to Ask Loved Ones Who Voted the Other Way.”

No two people are exactly alike

Perry’s relationship with her family may not inspire a Norman Rockwell painting but then again, how many families do?

In 2013, her parents referred to their offspring as a “devil child,’ wondering how could they preach when their daughter sang about kissing another girl? During the time, Perry admitted that the relationship with her mom and dad could be better. Hopefully, it will be and no family will allow an outside influence, political or otherwise, to divide them ever again.

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