Kate Gosselin left sextuplet Collin Gosselin out of his own birthday party. She uninvited dad Jon Gosselin too. Mom says she's stressed from planning the lavish sextuplet birthday party and sad Collin had to miss it. Mom orchestrated the bash on her reality TV show "Kate Plus 8" but two guests of honor were missing: the birthday boy and his dad.

Collin Gosselin misses his own birthday on 'Kate Plus 8'

Mom put Collin in an undisclosed mental health facility for unspecified behavior problems. Kate says it was hard on her and Collin's siblings to have the boy absent at their shared 12th birthday.

She assures everyone it's for the best but won't say more, even to dad Jon. He's begged Kate to tell him where Collin is but she won't. Since the divorce, Kate's painted Gosselin the negligent, absent father. But Jon says it's not quite like that. Does Kate's reason for excluding Collin have anything to do with her exclusion of his dad?

Two faces of Kate Gosselin

There are two sides to every story and two faces to Kate Gosselin, it seems. One is a single mom struggling to raise eight kids with no help from their absent dad.

The other, according to Jon Gosselin, is a conniving woman determined to control everything and everyone. Kate admits her Draconian parenting has gotten her investigated on child abuse charges. Sextuplet Collin Gosselin told staffers at his "special school" that his mother abused him. The reality mom pooh-poohed that like she downplayed Jon's accusations of her controlling. Is that what got Collin uninvited from his own birthday?

All Kate Gosselin does is for 'Kate Plus 8'

Kate Gosselin's need for control is one reason ex-boyfriend Jeff Prescott ditched her. Prescott claims everything his ex-girlfriend does is more to keep the Reality TV show and less for the kids. TLC dropped the original "Jon & Kate Plus 8" after the parents split up. Now Kate's got a new show she's determined to keep at all costs. Every event, including the sextuplets birthday blowout was done with ratings in mind.

Could that have anything to do with Collin's exclusion? Prescott says Gosselin lied about their engagement to keep the single mom mystique. She wanted to manage their relationship on screen till the fiance backed out.

Jon leaves or is left out of 'Kate Plus 8'?

Jon Gosselin agrees with his ex's ex. He says Kate plays the abandoned wife but really she stage-manages it all. Gosselin admits he hasn't seen his kids in years but not by his choice. Mom keeps them from him and doesn't honor court-ordered visitation rights. Kate has primary but not sole custody and doesn't send them if she decides not to.

Jon says he's out of their life by her exclusion, not his abandonment. Kate claimed daughter Hannah Gosselin "ran away" when she made the choice to visit her father. Mom cheered as twins Mady Gosselin and Cara Gosselin chastised their dad on TV for going public with his story.

Kate Gosselin won't tell dad where son is

Not inviting dad to his children's party is just one of the ways the reality show dad is left out. Kate didn't include him, or even inform him of the decision to send Collin away. She won't tell Gosselin what "special school" she placed their "problem child" in. He did get some dad time in on Thanksgiving after begging his ex to see the kids.

Dad's planning legal custody action against mom, but Kate blew that off, saying it won't happen.

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