Collin Gosselin told staffers at his "special school" that his mother Kate Gosselin abuses him. Mom put the 12-year-old in a boarding program months ago. The "Kate Plus 8" star pooh-poohed charges, saying she's often investigated by Child Protective Services. The mom of sextuplets did a tell-all interview on the mysterious whereabouts of son Collin. But she hasn't (and won't) tell dad Jon Gosselin where his child is. Kate was cagey about Collin in a lawsuit her is ex planning to file, but assured fans she has her kids' best interests at heart.

Kate Gosselin keeps mum on Collin, even with Jon

There's a lot the Reality TV mom is keeping from Gosselin, including his kids, says dad. He's not seen some of them in years, including Collin who was sent away for behavioral problems. That's not because he's an absent father, the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star said. Kate has primary but not sole custody and Jon's got visitation rights. But Kate doesn't always choose to honor them. Mrs. Gosselin placed Collin (one of the sextuplets) in residential treatment without dad's agreement or even his knowledge.

She says she knows where their son is but no one else needs to, and that includes his father.

Jon Gosselin vs Kate Gosselin

The reality TV dad is not pleased to be left out of family matters but has been unable to do anything about it legally due to finances. Now he plans to take his ex-wife to court to demand his custody rights. One of the sextuplets (Hannah Gosselin) ran away to be with dad. Kate's not taking her former husband seriously about the court threats.

Nor did Collin's mom take his charges of abuse seriously. She says her high-profile life means she often faces child abuse charges and there's no truth in them. Gosselin had her ex investigated on accusations of drinking around the kids and drug dealing. No evidence of that was found.

Kate Gosselin tell-all reveals little

Gosselin came on "Good Morning America" to explain why she sent her young son away from the family.

She defended his placement as doctor-recommended but didn't describe what medical condition required him to live away from home. She claimed earlier that Collin tested her authority. Kate updated fans that her child was "plodding along" in his "special school" but didn't say where or what kind of facility. The TLC reality show mother of eight takes comfort that this is best for the boy and the rest of the family. Kate was most excited to talk about her "Kate Plus 8" reality show and its upcoming season.

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