Now that it is time for a new season of "Kate Plus 8" the fans really want an update on the family and how Collin is doing. He won't be on this new season at all because right now he is living somewhere for children with special needs. Kate seems convinced she did the right thing, but she is now giving fans an update on how he is doing.

How is Collin now?

Kate Gosselin sent Collin to live somewhere else about a month ago. Now she is speaking out to Extra and giving an update on how he is doing. Kate has never shared the exact details about what is going on with him, but not long ago his dad Jon Gosselin said that he doesn't even know where his son is at for sure.

Kate said that Collin is "chugging along." She went on to say that she feels like he is in the best place for him. Kate just feels like this is another bump in the road for their family.

It really does sound like Kate Gosselin is sure that Collin not living at home is the best decision. She says it was hard for her to admit that she wasn't all that he needed. She tried to handle it on her own for years and it is obvious she feels like Collin staying somewhere else is what is best for him. It does have to be hard to be away from his siblings, though.

What does Jon have to say?

Jon Gosselin actually spoke to ET and he isn't happy at all. He is planning to take Kate back to court to find out more about where his son is at and what is going on. He even said she won't return texts about it, which is not okay with him. Jon says the other kids don't talk to Collin and if they know where he is then they aren't telling him. Jon just wants answers and it doesn't sound like he will be getting them from her.

At first, Kate Gosselin was really quiet about what was going on with Collin Gosselin. Now it is being revealed that he is learning to cope with his anger and behavioral issues. These are issues that the fans didn't even know Collin had, but obviously, his family knew what was going on.

Are you shocked to hear that Collin won't be on the new season and isn't living at home now? Do you think that Kate is making the right choice?

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