Kanye West spent Thanksgiving Day in the hospital. His wife, Kim Kardashian West, spent part of the day with him. He was admitted to UCLA Medical Center last Monday and is expected to remain there for a few more days under close medical supervision. The rapper's personal doctor reported that he suffered a temporary psychosis, but he is doing much better.

In hospital on Thanksgiving Day

West's family and friends want him to get the best care, but they were hoping he would be able to celebrate Thanksgiving at home. He was mentally exhausted from having back-to-back performances. Additionally, he has been working continually on his fashion and sneaker lines.

To add to his heavy work schedule and stress, Kanye has been grieving because November 10 was the anniversary of his mother's death. Donda West died of heart disease and complications from surgery in 2007.

In an interview last year, Kanye says he blames himself for this mother's death. He believes that if he had stayed in Chicago instead of moving to Los Angeles, his mother would still be alive. She had moved to L.A. to help her only child manage his career. According to Kanye's physician, the rapper is both physically and mentally exhausted. With all the stress going on in his life, he had been barely sleeping.

Kim's visit to the hospital

Kim visited Kanye in the hospital for a few hours on Thanksgiving morning.

Then she joined the Kardashian family for Thanksgiving dinner at Kylie Jenner’s Calabasas house. Kanye and Kim's children were there and had been taken care of by family while Kim was at the hospital with her husband.

Kanye's tour

The 39-year-old performer canceled the remaining 21 dates on his St. Pablo tour to get better.

Even though the rapper would have made $30 million if he had completed the tour, he isn't losing any money. Because of his medical emergency, Kanye allegedly has a legal safety net in place. His insurance policy covers him if an illness prevents him from honoring his contracts. Reportedly, the rapper's insurance company will pay not only the money he missed out on but will also cover any other losses because of his medical conditon.

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