Kanye West's condition is so dire that Kim Kardashian has put life on hold to tend to her ailing husband. She was even feeding Kanye as he lay restrained in the hospital bed where he has been for a week. Kanye's behavior went from odd to bizarre at a concert last week when he rambled on and on about his perception of life's injustices.

Beyonce and Jay Z out to get him?

West cut his concert short after a lengthy rant about Beyonce, leaving the audience with their jaws dropped as they watched his strange behavior.

It was later reported his tour was canceled and shortly after that, things took a turn for the worst.

An ambulance was called to the home of Kanye West and he was taken out handcuffed to a stretcher. He is extremely paranoid, which was evident in his rant at the concert. That rant ended with him claiming his once close friends, Jay Z and Beyonce, having the means to have him killed, reports NME News today.

Kim stays by husband's bedside

West was slated to be home in time for Thanksgiving, but he wasn't stable enough to be discharged from the hospital. He remains there today with doctors working to stabilize his condition. His wife Kim Kardashian has been by his side at the hospital for the duration of his stay so far.

The doctors have him on "constant watch" for his own safety at the hospital, reports People Magazine in their latest report on West's condition. He remains in the UCLA Medical Center as he is still extremely paranoid.

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Kim Kardashian

The source that People connected with reports that the 39-year-old rapper remains at the hospital because "clearly he's not doing well."

Reality TV show comes to screeching halt

The filming of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" has stopped and it is suspended until further notice as Kim spends her time with West, reports "Fox and Friends" Tuesday on their live morning show. West was admitted to the hospital when it appeared he was suffering from a "temporary pyschosis" brought on from sleep deprivation along with dehydration.

'Temporary' not so temporary?

That "temporary" condition is still on-going and Kim Kardashian is extremely concerned as the doctors have not clearly diagnosed Kanye's condition yet. A close source to the family said that Kim is using the word "paranoia" when describing her husband's behavior and she's also said that he believes "everyone is out to get him," writes People.

The doctors have tried different medications and they are still working on the proper dosage of the drugs, but nothing seems to be working.

The doctors are concerned he hasn't stabilized yet. West is basically in the same condition that he was when he was admitted to the hospital. According to another source, a recent update has West showing some improvement. He's wanting to work from his hospital bed, as he's "eager to make music," the source told People.

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