Kanye West is still not stable enough to leave the hospital, according to reports. He was hospitalized a week ago on November 21. He didn't expect to be a patient at UCLA Medical Center this long. In fact, he and his family expected him to be home for Thanksgiving Day, but he hasn't been released yet. A date has not been set when he will be released.

Kanye West still hospitalized

It was thought that the rapper was going to be released on Monday, Novembr 28, but doctors have determined that he is not stable enough to leave the hospital.

Even though his wife, Kim Kardashian West, has tried to persuade doctors to let him go home, they think it is best to keep him under observation much longer. In the meantime, Kim has been staying at the hospital with him. She has been sleeping by his side and feeding him.

Kanye's diagnosis

When West was first hospitalized, it was reported that he suffered exhaustion and sleep deprivation. Because this month was the anniversary of his mother's death, it was said that Kanye was still grieving. His mother, Donda West, died November 10, 2007 from a heart disease and complications from surgery.

On top of that, it was also reported that Kanye has been having nightmares about his wife being robbed in Paris a month ago. The latest report was that the 39-year-old rapper had a nervous breakdown and is struggling with extreme paranoia. That's a mental condition people have when they think others are out to get them. He allegedly accused his doctors of being against him.

Evidence of paranoia

Days leading up to West's hospitalization, he upset fans during a concert when he showed up 90-minutes late and did more ranting than singing.

He said he didn't vote, but if he had voted it would have been for Donald Trump. He called out Beyonce, Jay Z, Mark Zuckerberg, Google, and others. Since then, he has canceled the remaining 21 dates on his Saint Pablo tour.

Kanye's family, friends, and fans wish the best for the rapper and songwriter. They understand that he needs to get better before he is released from the hospital and can return to the stage.

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